Our team of experts provides consulting and outsourcing services of information security management. With our help, companies can increase their IT security, both through the implementation of new policies and security processes and through expanding the capacity of their own IT team, by contracting our outsourced services to operate and monitor the security infrastructure.

We determine the security level of the information and communication systems (SIC), including SCADA industrial IT systems, by:

  • Hardware and Software Configuration Analyzes.
  • Evaluation of active and passive intrusion detection systems.
  • Security risk management (threats, associated vulnerabilities, security measures, impact assessments, risk assessment, recommendations, risk analysis report).
  • Propose solutions to reduce security risk.
  • Assessing security policies.
  • Penetration tests.

In this sense, we act by:

  • Elaboration of the Statement of Work
  • Collect relevant information about the audited institution for use in the next steps
  • Analysis and evaluation of specific documentation
  • Analysis of the data and information resulting from the previous stages and preparation of the audit report
  • Completing the audit report that documents the operations and tests undertaken, presenting the results obtained and formulating the conclusions
  • Recommendations to increase the security level of CIS, including by presenting technical solutions that will support the proposed objective.


Thus, we ensure:

  • Better detection and management of cyber security incidents
  • Better co-ordination of response to cyber security incidents (interoperability between stakeholders / response through specialized assistance)
  • Detection and real-time remediation of possible cyber security vulnerabilities (through periodic tests performed by ICS-CERT)
  • Organized and centralized collecting of relevant cyber security incidents from ICS members – CERT