We evaluate your company’s security from the point of view of procedures applied to the Human Resources component regarding:

  • How to prepare the personnel files
  • The way of managing the personnel files
  • Access to the data in the personnel files
  • The General Register of Employees Evidence


We perform complex checks and tests of the staff:

  • Checks on the compliance of the data declared by the employee and contained in the personnel file with the reality
  • Verifying employee loyalty to the company
  • Checks on employees’ involvement in activities that are in breach of laws, such as to affect the company’s image

We provide periodic evaluation services, about the consistency of the measures / decisions taken, their level of implementation, awareness / knowledge at the employees level, by:

  • Periodic staff testing conducted by specialized personnel
  • Regular analysis of the situation within the company, regarding the security of human resources, especially in the light of possible security incidents
  • Specialized trainings to ensure that employees have the basic concepts of human resource security

We evaluate your company, from the perspective of the attributions and responsibilities of the various substructures / employees and their roles in ensuring security on its various levels by:

  • Analyzing the attributions of the personnel engaged in ensuring the security of human resources
  • Developing sets of procedures where they are missing
  • Tracking the way how security procedures are upheld, applied and respected

We develop, on the Human Resources component, specific standards, rules and procedures for departments (structures) and fields of activity.

We evaluate your company from the point of view of potential security risks on the human resources component of non-compliance with GDPR policies by:

  • an analysis of the way in which the concrete attributions to be made to the person who will assume the responsible role (eg if the existing work contract is changed or a new part-time contract is concluded for this role)
  • analyzing how and how the role and support structure of the person in charge is reflected in the organization chart and in possible functioning regulations or internal policies
  • analyzing how and how to ensure the correct reporting line, taking into account the requirement in the Regulation that the manager can report to the management of the organization
  • an analysis of how the internal mechanisms are to be defined to ensure the protection of the Data Protection Officer, given that the Regulation provides special protection for this role precisely in order to ensure its independence