We elaborate risk analyzes on physical security, according to Law no. 333/2003, regarding the guarding of objectives, goods, values and protection of persons, GD no. 301/2012 for the approval of the Methodological Norms for the application of Law no. 333/2003, as well as of Instruction no. 9 of March 1, 2013, regarding the making of risk analyzes on physical security.

We provide consultancy in identifying the best solutions on Human Security, Video Surveillance and Access Control Systems.

Following our analyzes, we are developing Complete Security Procedures on the Physical Security component.

Thus, we ensure:

  • A new approach to physical security strategies by obtaining relevant information about the vulnerabilities of the audited organization
  • Elaboration of a physical security risk management plan, which dynamically determines the necessary and applicable measures, for fitting the physical security risks to acceptable levels
  • Avoiding the exit from the legal framework, provided that these activities are mandatory and are subject to sanctions, according to Laws 333/2003, GD 301/2012 respectively.


How to Evaluate Risk?

Elaboration of the risk analysis involves following steps:

  1. Collect the data necessary to implement the report;
  2. defining the internal and external parameters that generate and / or change the risks to the physical security of the unit;
  3. estimating the risks of the beneficiary unit;
  4. preparing the Risk Assessment and Risk Assessment Report on Physical Security;
  5. analyzing the final conclusions together with the Beneficiary and finding optimal solutions.

The risk analysis documentation includes:

  1. the risk assessment and risk assessment report on physical security – physical support;
  2. the evaluation grid, specific to the object of activity – physical support;
  3. supporting documents.

Steps to Collaboration:

  1. signing the service contract and the confidentiality commitment;
  2. Drawing up the risk assessment report on physical security and surrender of the beneficiary;
  3. Issuing the invoice and paying the services.

In the hope that our offer meets your wishes, we will be at your disposal for any further clarification and we will assure you of all our seriousness and professionalism.